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We build software for people on a mission.

With Moonbase Labs, you can improve how you work and accomplish more.

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People on a mission like these...

  • Nonprofit lenders so they can provide digital loan applications for rural entrepreneurs.
  • Baby sleep experts so they can help millions of parents get a good night sleep.
  • Last mile delivery companies so they can find the perfect electric vehicles for their fleet.
  • Leadership organizations so they can build grassroots movements

And many more.

What they all share in common

Ambition. All of our clients are building something great. They’ve established credibility and built a novel way of delivering value to their stakeholders. In spite of their success, we tend to meet our clients when they feel stuck.

  • Managers spend most of their time putting out fires
  • Top talent becomes the duct tape for broken processes
  • Their software feels like its doing more harm than good

Our clients are leaders in their industry. They are committed to evolution and reinvention. To remain leaders, they must innovate. That’s why they turn to Moonbase Labs.

How we help

Articulate the problem. (This is harder than writing code.)
Usually this includes diagrams, writing and some back and forth between our teams.
Identify opportunities
Can we streamline the system? Automate a review process? Replace bad software? All of these are opportunities for innovation. We help companies by moving top talent from low leverage work to high leverage work. If software can do it, people shouldn’t.
Create a backlog
We’ll work with you to rank the opportunities based on what you think will have the largest impact.
Then we build solutions!
(That’s our favorite part.)

Are you on a mission?
If so, we’d love to talk.

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Organizations we’ve sent

To the moon and beyond

Community Lending Dashboards

NetWork Kansas

Giving tools to community leaders to support entrepreneurs.

Electric Fleet Simulator

Lightning eMotors

Creating tools for fleet managers converting to all-electric vehicles.

Data Marketing Automation

ARC+ Physical Therapy

Using analytics to enhance marketing efforts and deepen partnerships.