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Delivering a digital survey and analytics tool under a tight timeline.


The Vision

Kansas MTSS (Multi-Tier System of Supports and Alignment) exists to drive system-level change in classrooms, schools, and districts across Kansas by helping education leadership align resources. A substantial focus for their team is taking “inventory” of the broad range of initiatives underway within Kansas school districts.

Using a combination of Google Forms and Google Sheets, MTSS was capturing large amounts of survey responses and then cleaning messy or repetitive data by hand; reporting on this data was also a manual task.

Faced with a difficult, but common choice, MTSS would either need to hire new administrative professionals to facilitate more survey data or improve the efficiency of their existing team through a streamlined process. With a new school year approaching, the solution would need to emerge quickly.

MTSS contacted Moonbase Labs in hopes of improving their process and serving more school districts. With that goal in mind, we developed a custom survey and data analytics tool, which allows Kansas MTSS to capture data from teachers and share insights with school district leadership. The tool would be called KERII, which stands for the KansasMTSS Education Resource & Initiative Inventory.

The Results

Using agile software development – a strength of our process at Moonbase Labs – the project moved forward right away.

By consulting with the MTSS team to audit and update the survey, we improved the quality of the data being captured. This allowed their team to begin collecting survey data immediately while we continued to build the reporting features that would be needed later.

To complete the reporting features within the platform, Moonbase Labs delivered incremental updates while the MTSS team provided steady feedback. Through this combined effort, we completed the data analytics capabilities in time for the new school year.

With budget left to spare, MTSS decided to take the project a step further. Following the same method of continuous delivery, Moonbase Labs designed a robust dashboard for school district administrators working with MTSS to access their own district’s survey results. This empowered these integral stakeholders to gain further insights on their own.

Over the next two months, MTSS achieved the following with the tool:

  • 12 school districts surveyed across Kansas
  • 379 teacher surveys completed
  • 978 initiatives captured
  • 70 administrators accessing their district data

The Takeaway

Kansas MTSS is a perfect example of the collaborative partnerships we strive to create with our customers!

“Our web-based software has improved our process in so many ways! Working with Moonbase Labs was a great experience and it produced an invaluable tool for us.“
Todd Wiedemann, Co-Director of MTSS

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