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Electric Fleet Simulator

Creating tools for fleet managers converting to all-electric vehicles.

Lightning eMotors

The Vision

Fleet managers manage logistics for hundreds of drivers and vehicles. Lightning eMotors aims to persuade them to adopt an all-electric fleet, but convincing them to make the switch presents a challenge. Before making the transition, fleet managers must consider various factors, such as distances, drivers, routes, hauling capacity, and the types of vehicles that fit their needs. Lightning eMotors enlisted Moonbase Labs to develop a tool that could simplify this discussion by enabling fleet managers to simulate a transition to an all-electric fleet.

What We Built

Moonbase Labs collaborated with the Lightning data team to create a simulation that allows fleet managers to interact with and evaluate the savings potential of converting to an electric fleet.

Variables they had to consider included:

  • Distance traveled
  • Payload
  • Climate
  • Driving style
  • Terrain
  • Driving time
  • Charging time

All these variables were considered to help identify the most suitable heavy-duty vehicle for the fleet. Upon completing the simulation, the fleet manager would receive an impact report, which outlined the potential savings and tax credits available for electrifying their fleet.

Example of simulation user interface

How It Helped

As fleet managers utilized the free tool, they consented to receive emails and were incorporated into the Lightning marketing funnel. We built automation to add them to the CRM so that business development could follow up with fleet managers with more information about switching to electric.

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