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Bet on Ourselves

Ted Kriwiel

This year, we are trying something new. After seven years of building products for our customers, we’re ready to build one of our own. Nic is taking a year to discover, validate, and develop our first product for Moonbase Labs. We set aside $250,000 to jump-start the effort. It’s a real-life chance to bet on ourselves.

We have no idea what the product will be. Or, more accurately, we have too many ideas of what it could be. All we know is that building a product requires time and focus. We’ll start with twelve months and see where that takes us.

While Nic is scheming and dreaming, Christian and I will double down on the service side of the business. We plan to add four new customers and continue building excellent products for our partners.

Like all startup investments, this could be a total flop. It happens. And if it does, it will be a flop entirely our own; we won’t disappoint investors or strain relationships. If this doesn’t work, we’ll add it to the ever-growing list of things we know not to try.

We’re a quiet group. Nic Wentling declined to let me order a big check and take his picture holding it.😄 But pretend this is our funding announcement.

We closed our pre-seed round and still own 100% of the company. 🎉

We are trying something new. Whether it works or fails miserably, this year will be fun.

Originally published on Linkedin.

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