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Putting 27 years of safety consulting experience to work online, through an always-on web platform.

iSi Environmental
Environmental Health & Safety

The Vision

iSi Environmental and their team of consultants have been creating custom safety plans, providing safety training, and consulting on OSHA-regulated compliance issues for 27 years. This work can be very hands-on, sometimes requiring consultants to fly out and work on-site with their customers.

In our very first meeting with iSi, we laid out a rough vision for how they could serve more customers in even more dynamic ways by providing some of their services on an online platform. iSi Environmental realized the potential benefit this idea had both to their company and to their customers, so we gathered a set of key features that the platform should include and then proposed a solution.

Our focus on a minimum viable product and feature set ensured that iSi's goals for the platform were met while leaving time and flexibility for changes and iterations to be made along the way.

After a few collaborative sessions together, we helped iSi's team to build the foundational plans for The web-based tool would allow anyone to create and manage a custom safety program for their company in minutes. Most importantly, this would create a brand new revenue stream and lead generation source for iSi Environmental to capture new customers that they otherwise may not have reached.

The Results

We began building the platform in February 2018 and shipped the first public version of the product in July (5 months). In its first two months, the platform has had over 100 companies from all over the United States create plans. As iSi Environmental continues to nurture and serve these customers, they will have opportunities to introduce them to the other services they provide.

Continued development of the platform has already resulted in several improvements including a quickly expanding library of plans covering a wide spectrum of construction and general industry regulations.

The Takeaway

This is the beginning of iSi Environmental's Digital Transformation story. is the first of many innovative, technology-driven improvements that iSi will make across their organization and we are excited to be partnering with them in their efforts.

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