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Essential CEU Institute

Energizing an unstable software product and growing its user base by 10 times in one year.

Essential CEU Institute
Health & Human Service

The Vision

Essential CEU Institute is an online continuing education platform that provides training and courses to community care professionals (nursing homes, home hospice, etc.) in California and across the United States.

We were approached to come on as Essential CEU Institute's lead development team to maintain the platform long-term. Their team was in search of a reliable partner with our talents and abilities available in-house. They were hoping to recover from a bad experience with an agency outsourcing their work overseas, which left them feeling in the dark and with a lack of support.

After an introductory meeting, we took over development of the platform which was functional, but unstable with many bugs and unfinished features. As we began cleaning things up and stabilizing the product, the Essential CEU team expressed interest in pursuing new features and even having us build completely new software products.

The Results

After only a year of working with Essential CEU Institute's team, we have helped them scale their main platform to support over 10 times the number of users it had when we began. Together with Essential CEU, we have also led the development of 3 additional software tools and platforms serving their industry (to be announced in future public releases).

A few key outcomes for Essential CEU Institute:

  • With our stabilization of the platform and user experience, Essential CEU Institute was able to expand and become a national provider of their services (previously only in California).
  • Our involvement helped Essential CEU Institute to meet rigorous requirements in order to win a substantial grant from a state-funded agency.
  • Essential CEU Institute hit a notable milestone of 1000 certificates awarded within 1 year of our involvement.
  • With our capabilities, the Essential CEU Institute team has made plans to work towards a HIPAA-compliant, full case management platform.

The Takeaway

Our team has partnered with Essential CEU Institute to cover the full spectrum of their needs including Full Stack Software Development, SaaS (Software as a Service) Marketing, Pricing Strategy, Copywriting, UI/UX Design, Technical Support, and much more. As they continue to innovate within their industry, we will be there every step of the way to support them.

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