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Data Marketing Automation

Using analytics to enhance marketing efforts and deepen partnerships.

ARC+ Physical Therapy
Health & Human Service

The Vision

ARC+ Physical Therapy operates 26 clinics throughout the midwest. Their marketing team goes to great lengths to build relationships with employers and doctors who refer patients to their organization. They’ve developed a “deliver value” strategy to their referral partners by creating analytics reports that partners find useful. Instead of dropping off donuts, they deliver data.

This tactic was well received and referral partners looked forward to getting updated data from the ARC+ team. As more employers and doctors wanted access to the data, the ARC+ team had trouble keeping up with the demand. They faced a few challenges:

  • Created each report individually: When a report was requested, their marketing team would crunch the numbers on a spreadsheet and update a report using Canva. Each report had to be updated manually and took hours to complete.
  • The data was messy: The data needed for the reports drew from a couple different systems and there were query errors and user entry problems that made it difficult to be confident in some of the information.
  • Only one person knew how to clean the data: Only one person on the team was deeply familiar with the cleaning process which was part art--part science. Because of this limitation, requests for reports were bottle necked.

The Results

Through in-depth discussions with the ARC+ Physical Therapy team, Moonbase Labs identified two ways we could help:

  1. We streamlined the data cleaning process: By using a data cleaning tool like Tableau Prep, Moonbase Labs was able to streamline the cleaning process so that all of the data could be cleaned at once, rather than one report at a time. This deepened the confidence ARC+ had in the data, and allowed them to flag messy data and correct it effortlessly.
  2. We built a dashboard that generates reports automatically: With the data clean, we recreated the Canva dashboard template in Tableau which allowed the ARC+ team to generate reports for every employer and every doctor at once! Rather than spending hours to create each report individually, they have hundreds of reports at their fingertips.

The Takeaway

The ARC+ team did a remarkable job identifying an opportunity to enhance their marketing efforts with data. They took it one step further by building a prototype which received strong validation from their partners. The only piece missing was the right tools and expertise to automate the process and Moonbase Labs was happy to provide them.

“The dashboards that Moonbase Labs created made this process 1,000 times better.“
Ben Peterson, COO ARC+ Physical Therapy

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