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Moonbase Labs: The Next Step

Nic Wentling

A New Brand

The new Moonbase Labs logo

Simply put: We need a brand that can do more because we can do more.

At the end of 2019, we merged with Lion Graph and began offering data analytics services. We build software, create SaaS (software as a service) platforms, design dashboards and construct data warehouses – all under the umbrella of guiding organizations through digital transformation.

We have grown from two co-founders to four partners.

  • Nic Wentling
  • Benny Bowden
  • Ted Kriwiel
  • Christian Taylor

Our clients are nationally recognized as thought leaders in their fields – they are trailblazers. The work of a trailblazer is never finished and the road to innovation is most often digital.

We help innovators eliminate friction at the foundations of their work. By integrating our digital experience with our clients’ deep domain knowledge, we create tools that empower our clients to scale their expertise.

This new brand reflects our clients. The astronaut in the Moonbase Labs logo represents them and their aspirations, looking towards their future as they forge a path forward.

We are paying attention to our mentors and partners. They are pioneers that constantly recreate themselves, willing to start fresh and make things new. We have watched them do this over and over again and decided to try it ourselves. When you rub shoulders with the best, innovation is contagious, transformation inevitable.

This is the next step for Moonbase Labs and we invite you to join us. Reach out to us anytime.

A few people we want to thank for their contribution to this rebrand:

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